When it comes to coping with social anxiety, many sufferers do not realize there are many ways to maintain a sense of calm during high times of stress. Instead of focusing on various stressors at the root of anxiety, here are four ideas that are simple for sufferers to remember when social anxiety really hits hard.

Read Something Entertaining

Reading is a great distraction. It allows people to be transported to another realm, even if the travel is both mental and temporary. Sometimes, removing the self mentally from a stressful situation just for a few moments is one of the best ways to calm down, thus allowing the self a moment to analyze a situation without being overly emotional.

Make Use of Some Drawing or Writing Materials

Like reading, writing and drawing both have the ability to transport a person elsewhere mentally. However, instead of removing the self from the situation to then be able to analyze logically what is going on without emotional attachments, the act of writing or drawing allows the self to process through these moments with a pen or pencil in hand right away. Research shows there is great power behind writing and drawing. In fact, people who doodle are actually thinking through higher-order processing during the act of aimlessly moving a pencil around a section of paper. Writing does the same thing, but it places words down on paper instead. Once these words are on paper, they become real and tangible. When they are tangible, they can be manipulated and changed into something better.

Enjoy Some Music While Meditating

Music is extremely powerful. Research shows it is one of the few things that interact with every area of the brain. It also relieves stressors from one area of the brain and distributes focus elsewhere. Therefore, listening to music makes meditating all the more powerful. The purpose of meditating is to soothe the mind and body in order to, like music, focus stressors elsewhere. The relaxing pace of meditation can easily be set to the beat and tone of equally sating music, thus making a rather powerful combination with which to best anxiety.

Cleansing with Diet Changes

Some people hear the word “diet” and automatically think of starving themselves within an inch of sanity or having to make grand sacrifices with the chance of little result in return. However, dieting can be a rather powerful tool. Instead of focusing on a lot of big changes, making small changes across time can also be just as beneficial. By removing a few toxins, the body is able to clean itself and feel less congested all around. There are some teas that also offer such gentle cleanses. Cleansing the body of toxins can also help to set the mind at ease by unclogging it from the much the same, allowing it to think more clearly. Also, mastering a few diet changes allows for a sense of accomplishment to be gained.

While stressors may appear to cause social anxiety in the immediate sense, they can be dealt with in both a long-term and a short-term, more immediate sense. By taking on tasks like dieting in small ways to make long-term changes or to meditate to relaxing and engaging music more often, the body has time to prepare and adjust to stressors long before they make themselves known. On the other hand, having materials within reach for drawing, writing, or reading can mean being prepared for with the stressors hit harder than expected. These four, simple things can mean a world of change for social anxiety sufferers in the long run.

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